Are you ready to change the solar business? 

The future frameless. No doubt about that. In other words: there is no real reason anymore for the use of the classic metal frame.

The advantages of glass-glass modules are countless. Only think of doubling a panel’s lifetime, or aesthetics and architectural possibilities.

But being convinced about being right is one thing. Changing a business is yet another.

Start thinking outside the frame.

Therefore five leading companies in the solar industry took the initiative to start the FrameLess is More movement. With only one objective: to bring companies that share the same vision on the frameless future of solar panels in contact. To share visions, knowledge and savoir-faire. And to discuss how we can accomplish this change. Each from his own perspective and specialty.

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Our Partners

Think outside the frame

Solsky by Soltech

Solsky by Soltech

Customised glass-glass photovoltaic panels
Perpignan, France

Perpignan, France

Train Station
Issol - GDF Suez Dijon

Issol - GDF Suez Dijon

Issol - GDF Suez Dijon
Sustainable Design Innovation

Sustainable Design Innovation

Uber-Thin Modular Solar Panels

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Roel Bollen
Founder - Chief Commercial Officer Ducatt NV

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Perpignan - Leading the way

Perpignan is leading and lighting the way with the largest photovoltaic energy farm in the world!

GDF Suez Dijon

Philéas Architects

Installation Issol

Sustainable Design Innovation

The recent evolution of solar technology has been nothing short of amazing, and we are continuously impressed by all the products hitting the market that make it easier to integrate clean tech into our daily lives. One innovative company at the forefront of the solar energy bustle is Sulfurcell, the producer of a new kind of modular solar panel that add energy-generating capabilities to any building.

The super-thin panels are entirely self contained, so they don’t require any substructure, and they can be applied to new buildings as well as retrofitted old buildings to provide a sleek look and plenty of power.

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